Cracking Civil Services (CSE) Interview – Part 3

While you are waiting outside the interview room

1. Do not sit on the chair

The orderly will escort you to the interview room and ask you to wait outside until you are called. Here you may have to wait for 15 to 20 minutes. There is chair for candidate to sit and wait. Do not sit. Repeat do not seat. Here you are alone. No other candidate is with you with whom you can talk or crack jokes. Idea here is to remain confident. There are two ways to be confident. First is genuine confidence. You are already feeling confident. You are not anxious and ready to take everything head on. Second. You fake it. you send signals to brain of a confident man or woman. Sitting on chair alone with drooped shoulders crossed legged is a posture of nervous person not of a confident one. So don’t sit.

2. Power Pose

In animal kingdom when an animal is threatened it increases its size. A snake opens his hood. Cats stand in a way which would increase their size. These animals are showing to their attackers that they not afraid and ready to fight. If you not feeling confident then fake it. This is the purpose of power pose. Do the power pose to feel confident.


You can read about this theory much more on your own. One thing more you can add is walk. Walk like a fucking king as you own the place.

3. Remember memories which make you laugh just before you enter the room.

Just before entering the interview room in CSE 2015 interview I thought of two memories. First one was a very funny incident I had with my ex-gf long time back another was a very funny joke which I had read few days ago. This bought instant smile on my face. I entered the room with the biggest grin I could had. You have only two weapons for the interview. Your smile and confidence. All the previous advice were to amp up these weapons. So enter the interview room with biggest smile and confidence. And this is not fake as you are feeling these emotions genuinely from inside.

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