Thank God! Patiala Court happened.

Kanhaiya Kumar, the JNUSU president who was arrested under sedition charges for indulging in anti-national activities was attacked by lawyers in Patiala court. Not once but twice ! They are alleged to have the patronage of ruling party hence there was no strict action against them.

Today Supreme court stands vindicated on its judgement when it termed NJAC unconstitutional. Patiala court incident gives the glimpse of what could happen if political class have interference in selection of judges. If politicians have the say in the selections of judges and then certainly likes of Patiala court would be compensated for their services. The thoughts of such unruly unprofessional lawyers been promoted in judiciary is unimaginable and very depressing.

Government is the largest litigant in the courts today. NJAC would have made executive and judiciary work in close coordination. Just imagine if both colluded what would happen! Rule of law, equality of law, justice system all would go for a toss.

When NJAC was termed unconstitutional I had my own reservations against the judgement. It felt like judiciary overstepped its mandate and encroached the space of legislature. US and UK have overwhelming say of executive in the selection of the judges. So why cannot such a system be successful in India? Then Patiala court incident gave the answer. Those countries have not seen the 42nd Amendment, Keshavnanda Bharti Case, Emergency and louts of Patiala court. India has its unique socio-political history and it has to chart its own course.

Thank God! Patiala Court happened.

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